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S'more House

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The very first post of my incredibly new blog on my brand new website! Hooray! I guess I'll begin with "Why S'more House, Jane? That's a weird name for a website/business/whatever you're doing." The story basically is, my fella and I have always called this S'more House since we moved in together! He's the gameskeeper (of the cats) and I'm the janitor (of everything else). Seriously though, it's all honey-colored wood paneling, chocolate carpets, marshmallow walls, and we live on Graham St. If that's not enough, we have amazing bonfires in our crazy firepit every summer and s'mores are always the star of the show! And if THAT'S not enough, well tough. Home is where the heart is and my heart resides firmly in S'more House.



I seriously love this house. I moved here to freezing Michigan from sunny Florida, and this house is what's kept me from moving on. It's secluded and scenic and the perfect backdrop for all of my creative endeavors! It's even pretty in winter somehow. Since moving back here I've discovered and rediscovered my love of crafts, sewing, knitting, and painting. 

So for the first post things are pretty short and sweet. I expect further entries to be about bag making, knitting stuff up, and dressmaking! I'm hoping to finally post some stuff up in my shop too!