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SewPro Chicago

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So I've just gotten back from SewPro in Chicago this past weekend and I have got to say that I am SO GLAD that I went! What is SewPro, you ask? This first meeting was a gathering of designers, quilters, bag makers, bloggers, and sewists of all kinds! There were classes run by the likes of Pat Sloan, Tula Pink, Allison Glass, Mimi G, Sara Lawson, and so many others. There were panels on surface design and pattern publishing. It was a forum for all of us to connect with each other and stew and pick at each other's brains for creative and business ideas! 

I'm not going to lie. I was nervous to go. I have a small Etsy shop and I take orders from Instagram, sure, but I don't consider myself a "serious business" lady. But like Alexander says in "Hamilton" there's a million things I haven't done.  I spend a lot of my days making things while living all inside my head. But being thrown into a convention of like minded individuals sounded like an appealing change so I stuffed all of my social anxiety into a sack and forged ahead!

And it was wonderful! I've made some fast friends, and handed out loads of business cards. I've learned some valuable lessons about my roadmap ahead.  I very much want to continue in my bagmaking adventures but I'd also like to get more involved with surface design.  I got to meet one of my idols, Tula Pink (and she's funny and accessible and so so smart! AND she liked my shoes!)! I'm still typing up all of my notes but I have to say that I'm so glad I jumped off of the edge of comfort and forged ahead! S'more House has a new arsenal of knowledge and a new cast of friends too and I'm excited to see what the future holds with my newly gained focus and motivation!

Star Wars Treat Bag Toppers

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So I'm a huge nerdling. I like spooky things and scifi things and cartoon things. The list goes on. I don't have any little ones of my own to pass my intense passion of awesome things on to but I've realized recently that that's what my sister's kids are for!  As such, I was super pumped when my niece decided she wanteds her birthday this year to be Star Wars themed! I was even MORE pumped when my sister asked me to make up some treat bag toppers for her.

So many treats!

So many treats!

I think I went overboard. But only a little. And okay, I know this isn't even slightly related to sewing, but it's my blog so it's my rules! Sorry! My sister's concept was sort of a paper cutout minimalist look. She's very into handmade everything, so even though these were printed, she wanted them to have a similar unique look! So I popped in A New Hope (actually I made it all the way through Attack of the Clones using Machete Order which says to watch 4 and 5, then 2 and 3, and finishing off with 6) and using the list of treats she gave me whipped up some different character icons and space and world scenes! 

It had been a few weeks since I had gotten any Illustrator drawings done so the fact that I did these all in a day made me pretty happy! I'm not going to lie, the sad AT-AT is my favorite. Although I'm also pretty happy with my Tattooine landscape! The party went off without a hitch. The kiddos all went to a local gymnastics center where they participated in "Jedi Master Training." Then they dined on chocolate dipped pretzels that looked just like light sabers and cupcakes that were frosted to look like mini Chewbaccas! I'm happy to have had a small part in some of the favors for the kids!