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Feature Me Everyday Tote

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Minor and easily guessable confession time: I've got a pretty massive fabric hoard. And there are fabrics in my hoard that for one reason or another I just unconsciously decided were off limits. Maybe the repeat is a little too cool, or large, or the colors are too amazing, or I only have a remnant so I must ration that fabric. It's probably irrational. But it's special fabric that must wait for the perfect project.

That's how I felt about the weird space-age pinup girl fabric in my stash. It's a larger scale print and it blends sassy retro style and sci-fi which is definitely up my alley. I even remember the day I bought it in a little quilt shop in Clearwater, FL. In 2006. Yes. Ten years ago. My half-yard didn't even have a readable selvage. But I loved it and have been saving it. I never thought about reverse image searching for it, or even asking around if anyone knew what it was, until testing time came around again for two pretty poppets

Lisa dreamed up the Feature Me Everyday tote and everyone in the testing group was sharing their amazing bags. I had figured I would do up some Tula Pink or Libs Elliot's new True Love collection when it hit me: my space girls. And I knew they were perfect! One of the girls in the testing group even ID'd them for me: Alexander Henry Futurella. Long out of print, but I have no regrets. My long and drawn out point is that this bag is PERFECT for those special statement fabrics that have been hiding away in my hoard.

The bag itself is a fun and quick sew up: it features a zippered inner pocket, magnetic snap closure and perfect tote-length shoulder strap. The outside is pieced together which gives tons of options for fabric customization. The center panel is the perfect place to let a special print shine! There are two sizes to choose from: Coffee Date and Shopaholic. Pictured here is the Coffee Date, which is the perfect size for all the essentials! I could probably also get a knitting project in there.

I guess the moral of the story is to not be afraid to use your stashed fabrics when the best project comes along! I'm so happy with how this Feature Me Everyday turned out, and I have plans to make a bunch more with other treasured fabrics. The pattern will be available on two pretty poppets website next week!