S'more House

Let Me Sew You Something Sweet

S'more House: Handmade in Michigan

The S'more House

We've called our little mid-century modern home "S'more House" ever since we moved in! It's not really an American tradition to name houses or properties, but that’s ok, we do what we want! There really isn't a more fitting title either. Besides having honey-colored paneling throughout and lots of marshmallowy and chocolate accents, it sits just near the end of Graham Street in scenic Michigan. We’ve had many many bonfires throughout the years and eaten many a s'more too! I have even been known to make them on the stove top in the winter. S'more House is where my heart is, and I put all of that heart into the things I craft for you!


About Jane Youn

I grew up with a passion for all things creative but particular drawing and sewing. After receiving my BFA in Fashion Design, I was fortunate enough to be able to use my talents in Juniors’ Apparel. That's where I fell in love with the world of textile and fabric design. Fast forward to today, where I make all the fun things you see here! Besides the clothing, accessories, and bags you see here I also love the nerdlier things in life, such as video games, cats, baking, fiber arts, and crime shows!