S'more House

Let Me Sew You Something Sweet

S'more House: Handmade in Michigan

The S'more House

We've called our little mid-century modern home "S'more House" ever since we moved in! It's not really an American tradition to name houses or properties, but we don't care! There really isn't a more fitting title either. Besides having honey-colored paneling throughout and lots of marshmallowy and chocolate accents, it sits just near the end of Graham St. in scenic Michigan. It's OFTEN the site of bonfires and many a s'more have been consumed on our patio. I have been known to make them on the stove top in the winter. S'more House is where my heart is, and I put a lot of that heart into the things I craft for you!


About Jane Youn

I grew up with a passion for all things drawing and sewing. After receiving my BFA in Fashion Design, I was fortunate enough to be able to use my artistic license in the Licensing and Art departments of David & Goliath, Inc, in Clearwater, Florida. That's where I fell in love with the world of textile and fabric design. Fast forward to today, where I basically just make all the fun things you see here! Besides the clothing, accessories, and bags you see here I also love the nerdlier things in life, such as video games, cats, outer space, crime shows, and knitting!